Aditia Realty Pvt. Ltd. Facilitates and promotes investment opportunities mainly hospital franchise opportunity for CSSOS Officers Hospitals. Officers Hospital is a valuable idea coming through the legacy of CSSOS to promote and facilitate healthcare opportunities for the Serving and Retired Govt / PSU/ Bank employees and their families. Being one of the most profit-oriented hospital franchises with low investment, CSSOS Officers Hospital aims at offers affordable yet premium medical & healthcare services to those in need. Our medical professionals deliver highest Standards of medical facilities at cheap and competitive rates. We work in premium facility centres not just for rich but also for the middle-class government officials. We would like to share this hospital investment opportunity with you to become our Franchisee Partners/JV-Partner to Open CSSOS OFFICERS HOSPITALS in your city with CSSOS legacy and Its Facilitator ARPL (Aditia Realty Pvt. Ltd.). We invite franchisee partners for CSSOS Officers Private Limited throughout India who might be interested in medical/ healthcare franchise investment. 

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Officers Hospitals by CSSOS offers supreme quality investment facilities in Indian healthcare industry. Our Healthcare doctors work towards the goal to offer world-class experience not only in the terms of ambiance and services but also in the terms of quality.

ARPL offers new hospital franchise opportunities along with lease & joint ventures for the PAN India investors & landowners. Moreover, we encourage even lab & other clinical centres to enter into partnership in our hospital franchise, joint ventures and lease opportunities to create a collaborative clientele.

We are under the provision of affiliations with other Facilitators in the Healthcare Industry as well. In Addition, we enable our partners to enhance their Business through referral arrangements with CSSOS Hospitals across different cities

ARPL mainly focuses on providing CSSOS government officers, with not only fast, affordable & professional treatments which makes our hospital franchise highly profitable with low financial risks.We offer such a comfortable environment and accurate therapy that organically results in rapid recovery.

Unlike other healthcare investment opportunities, we won’t charge you high rates for our in-house or clinical services. The hospital funding opportunity that we offer ensure highest profits at lowest/ no risks. Some of the exclusive features our partners enjoy are as follows:

  • Your hospital will get recognition across India through our credibility.
  • Unlike other agencies, we guarantee minimum profit earnings on all projects you invest in.
  • You’ll be getting contacts of our existing registered members from all CSSOS OFFICERS HOSPITALS

We have a huge panel of investment advisors who can create a risk-free investment for multispeciality hospitals by CSSOS. ARPL invites franchisee partners/JV-partners/land owners for outright lease throughout India to serve excellent medical facilities at affordable price. 

So, without further ado, Become our Lease/Joint venture/ Franchise Partner. 

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