Shape your child for a better future! Aditia Realty Pvt. Ltd promotes Officers International School, an atmosphere solely created to prepare your child for the future. It is a project that recognizes the importance of an overall educational experience for students to shape them for a better tomorrow.

CSSOS OIS focuses primarily on not just educating the youth but importance of having a healthy mind & body too. We have a team of educational professional at Officers International School who provide all-round development along with enduring basic values & ethics.

Being the best educational franchise in India, Officers International School offers Quality education through its Schools, specifically for the officers/ families/ relatives of Central/ State Government officers/ officials, Public Sector and Bank employees. We are also renowned for our exchange programmes that encourages Indian students to be a part of the world.

Bring Out the Best Version with CSSOS OIS

ARPL teamed up with Officers International School CSSOS in order to inculcate the students with the epitome of knowledge and values. The youth need to be innovative, ethical, and socially responsible to participate in this growing & competitive world and we promise to bring out the best in your child.

Our vision and goal are to create an environment conducive to the development of capabilities that will allow children to become refined versions for themselves. Most importantly, the curriculum that Officers International School follows is designed by educational experts from all over the world.

Most of our faculty is graduated from top international schools from all over the world and have experience of over 10 years in the field of teaching & education. It promotes optimization of teaching and learning, and facilitate children’s personal development and well-being. Therefore, trust us when we say that CSSOS OIS provides the best educational facilitation service in India.

OIS Seven Rainbow Activities
  1. Indian Ethics with Western Modernity– Indian culture & values are embedded in a person since childhood. However, westernization has touched the soul of Indian ethics in each of our lives. We at officers International School ensure that students learn India’s rich cultural heritage along with western culture bestowed by globalization.
  2. Not just a sharp mind but healthy body too– Our expert faculty understands how important it is to have a stable mind & body. With educational classes and sessions, we also include physical education as well as yoga science classes for a sane mind and healthy body.
  3. Leadership skills with problem solving attitude– Leadership is one quality that enables on to stand out and lead the crowd. OIS offers various forums and activities which develops the leadership quality helping them to be future leaders. Drama, debate, book club discussion, anecdotes, sports and other extracurricular activities aim to teach students the leadership skills.
  4. Not a book worm but confident personality– The education system keeps on updating and evolving as years pass by. Therefore, it is very important for the school faculty as well to cope up with these changes. CSSOS International School has a team of experienced & skilled faculty who help the students to develop a confident personality. Confidence leads to success and it is the motto of Officers International School to imbibe confidence among children who can confidently take up any challenges.
  5. An avid communicator to lead from the front– A great leader is one who is an avid communicator and leaves an undying expression on both class and masses with his/ her ideas. Mentors at Officers International School not just help the students to translate their ideas into speech but also enhance their thinking skills to innovate and invent new ideas.
  6. Follow your dreams based on IQ & psychological tests– OIS by CSSOS has a huge team of tutors & mentors who help students to choose their right career with certain trait & career tests.
  7. Let’s do and learn-learning through practical– In addition to theoretical earning, we allow OIS students to gain practical & on-ground knowledge. We believe in being more practical centric rather than grasping theoretical aspects.

ARPL promotes CSOS to encourage PAN India investors & landowners to enter into a partnership with us for CSSOS International school through different scheme like Joint Venture, Lease or Franchise. So, if you’re looking for a low investment franchise in India, ARPL will provide personalized investment options in the educational sectors with minimum profit guarantee.


Here at Officers International School, we empower students by imparting knowledge of the highest calibre, instilling global values, and planting the seed of leadership and responsibility. Our educational programmes help students

  • To develop confidence to be innovative and inventive
  • To be arcuate, understanding leaders
  • To empathise with others and understand and appreciate diversity
  • To express their thoughts & ideas properly
  • To be just & ethical towards the society
  • To grow as responsible individuals who enjoy a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • To be engaged citizens, contribute to the community and address global challenges

Through such a wide & updating curriculum, we enable the students to explore the epitome of excellence, encompassing intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. We, as a fast-growing organization are open for legal lucrative investment options