The real estate industry is one of the multi million-dollar industries globally. If we review it from the perspective of India, it is one of the pillars of India’s economy with the second top employment generator industry after agriculture.

There are as many as nearly 220 related industries in this sector. Real estate currently contributes over 7% to the economy and is supposed to grow to 13% by 2025. If the reform ideas offered are precisely implemented. The business has developed into one of the most important cash creators in current decades.

Real Estate Investment in India is a Clever choice or not??

Everyone wants to secure the future of their loved ones. There are several opportunities where individuals believe to invest their money, but if we look at all pros & cons, real estate is by far one of the top investment choices presented, presenting the option of lower risk and also a high investment.

It is all the more crucial for Indian real estate investors in the post-Covid-19 Pandemic climate, with international investors excited to relocate investment to India from China.

Individuals migrate to new cities, more influx, more jobs, as well as more individuals interested to buy properties. As a consequence of enhanced demand, real estate prices will significantly rise. Several arguments have shown that real estate investment in India is a great decision to make.

  • Real estate investment can aid you to get wealthy rapidly because property values can rise at exponential rates. When you study the well-to-do, you shall see that the rich are usually the ones that inherited a generous amount of property. Several regular individuals sold their fields & property After urbanisation & became wealthy quickly.
  • Investing in real estate in India for those earning individuals may result in vital tax savings. If you take out your home loan, you might be eligible for an IT refund on the yearly interest paid and a portion of the primary loan amount, registration fees, stamp duty, other further deductions under section 80EE, Section 24, and Section 80C, and additional similar provisions.
  • Earlier, real estate investment did not involve the same dangers as stock markets or bank deposits. There used to be a concern of land usurpers occupying the sole property or unauthorised individuals dishonestly and illegally selling your property.


With the Beginning of various waves of the COVID-19 Pandemic, one continues to be thinking that the market is getting down and real estate investment in India is not a good option now. 

Nevertheless, the case is not original. The currently reduced cement costs, together with the rebates and discounts associated with Coronavirus-affected markets, can support and aid one in obtaining property at a very lesser rate.

  • What is the Option ahead?

    The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has accepted the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), approving all sorts of investors to take part in the Indian real estate market. It will offer in the upcoming years, a market potential worth nearly Rs. 1.30 trillion (US$ 19.60 billion) in India. The development and transition from family-owned to professionally handled and managed firms have been the top noticeable change. To address the increased need to manage multiple projects over cities, real estate developers invest in centralised methods for sourcing materials, recruiting experienced professionals, and organising the workforce, in project management, architecture, as well as engineering.

    Increased transparency in 2021, is inspired by the increasing flow of FDI into the real estate industry in India. Developers have renewed and updated their management & accounting systems to meet due diligence criteria to search for investment.


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